Local couple says “I do” to exclusive car company

Everything was going well for this couple from Stockport; soon-to-be-married Lily-Grace and Gideon Whittington used a wedding planner for their big day, as they didn’t want anything going wrong. However, when the car carrying Lily-Grace to the church had a flat tyre, she thought her day was ruined forever.

“You never think that being late on your wedding day would be something that could happen to you. Especially over something so simple as a flat tyre. I felt like my big day was ruined,” Lily-Grace told us.

Normally this would be an easy fix, but due to the vintage make of the car, and there being no flat tyre kept on hand, this problem was more serious than it normally would be.

Arrive in style

“Everything was going through my head, mostly what would I tell everyone if she’d left me at the altar?” Gideon said, the event still raw.

However, luckily their wedding planner was recently put into contact with a luxury car hire company, Rent-a-Rolls. With a fleet of luxury Rolls-Royce Cullinans subtly redesigned by Mansory, they are the only car company with this vehicle for hire.

“I initially wanted the same car, as this was always the car that I dreamed of. Yet when I found out Rent-a-Rolls were the only company with this car, I had to have one. I was lucky that my wedding planner was a contact, as she said the cars were in high demand and I was not let down,” Lily-Grace told us.

Rent-a-Rolls are a nationwide luxury car hire company, and luckily had a Rolls-Royce Cullinan available for the Whittington wedding. With all their cars redesigned by Mansory, their wide body’s make them the perfect car for manoeuvring while wearing a wedding dress. Plus, with complimentary champagne, this puts the bride at ease.

“I was very pleased that my wedding planner had managed to get the car for me. The champagne and roomy interior was so much better than being confined to a small car. I should have picked this car from the start,” confessed Lily-Grace.

“When I saw the car pulling up, I wasn’t sure what to expect, as I didn’t know at the time what had happened. However, Lily-Grace explained and the guests were thrilled once they were told they could have rides in the car. Everyone said that the experience was amazing,” Gideon reported.

With all chauffeurs complying with COVID regulations and making sure that everything was clean and safe, there were no issues. If you are needing that perfect car for your special day, contact Rent-a-Rolls today.


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