This popular nightlife event has been cancelled for 2020

The Warehouse Project has been set to return for 2021, with it remaining closed for the rest of 2020. The much-loved nightclub, which runs seasonally, has become a key feature since it graced Manchester in 2006. It was also the idea behind Parklife, which made its appearance in 2013 due to the success of The Warehouse Project.

This closure is just one of many across the nightlife industry, with coronavirus affecting the ways they carried out business. Social distancing regulations are a particular problem, which don’t allow people to gather in groups of six or stand close together in a venue. While many businesses have been able to adapt to these changes in circumstances, such as with table-service only and seated events, the large majority have unfortunately struggled to remain open.

Now, with the announcement of a 10pm curfew for the hospitality industry in England, many nightclubs may find it increasingly hard to stay afloat.

The co-founder of The Warehouse Project and Parklife, Sacha Lord, launched United We Stream during the lockdown. This was one of many online charity fundraisers, trying to acquire funds to help the nightlife venues in Manchester survive periods of closure.

They are hoping to announce Parklife soon, with there going to be bigger and better guests coming for 2021!

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