This charity is dedicated to preventing male suicide

According to the Samaritans, men are three times more likely to die by suicide than women in England. One charity in Manchester is helping men talk about difficult topics like their mental health and suicidal thoughts. In England and Wales 12 men die by suicide every day, which is one man every two hours!

Andy’s Man Club is the place to go for a chat.

The group was created in July 2016 in Halifax by Luke Ambler, after his brother-in-law, Andy Roberts, died by suicide at 23. There were no warning signs that Andy was going to end his life. Andy had spent the weekend before with his family and appeared to be a happy man, with no signs that he was struggling.

Andrew Greenway, the project development worker, says “Luke saw the devastating effect this death had on his family and wanted to give men a platform to talk and share before things spiral out of control.”

The group will meet every Monday at 7pm at Federation House in Federation Street.

The first night of the group, nine men turned up. Since that first day, there are now 28 different groups around the country, with men turning up every week. This place offers them a safe space to discuss topics rather than keep everything bottled up inside.

All the groups are free to attend, and you just turn up, make yourself a drink, and either talk or listen – not everyone feels comfortable talking at first, and that is okay.

The group is open to any men over the age of 18, not just those with mental health issues. There is no referral, no signing in, no registration and no charge. For more information click here.

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