Pornhub parody reminds you to wash your hands

With everyone forced to stay at home for weeks, people have a lot more time on their hands. With more people catching up on Netflix shows, as well as people watching more porn, Pornhub let everyone have access to their premium content for free.

This is a great, but after watching those sorts of videos you should probably wash your hands. This is another activity that the public are being encouraged to do, especially going out and about.

Washing your hands is one of the best ways to prevent you from getting coronavirus, but what if there was a way to make this experience more enjoyable for everyone? Look no further than Scrubhub!

Scrubhub is a partnership between Pornhub and Amazon Dating as a way to spread awareness about the importance of good hand hygiene. As a safe-for-work parody, this website hopes to make people smile by raising awareness of handwashing.

The website has an almost identical layout to Pornhub, with similar names and users who have uploaded the videos, but the site features nothing but videos of people washing their hands. We won’t mention them here, but we recommend you go and check Scrubhub out in your spare time.

The creators of the website, Ani Acopian and Suzy Shinn, have said, “Over the past few weeks, the one thing that has been repeated has been the importance of washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water to protect against this virus. We thought this presented a unique opportunity for Pornhub to bring some joy to something that has become so mundane and repetitive. Scrubhub started as a fun idea that we’ve turned into a destination for creativity and connection for the greater good.”

To survive in the long term, the website will also be accepting charitable donations, which they will send to Invisible Hands and Frontline Foods in the LA area which are helping bring food and supplies to at-risk areas as well as providing meals to healthcare workers.

So, next time you find yourself with too much time on your hands and want to get your rocks off, do something decent and head over to Scrubhub.

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