iSpy? Here’s how someone could be snooping on you through your iPhone

If you have an iPhone, you might want to double-check your settings to see if someone may be snooping on you.

After upgrading to the latest iOS, iPhone users have noticed a small orange dot in the top right corner of their phones. According to Apple, this only comes on when your microphone is being used.

Many different apps, like voice recorders, WhatsApp or even Instagram sometimes need access to your microphone to work.

Many people just casually accept all permissions when they download an app. Now, when using an app with microphone enabled, the orange dot appears.

Apple introduced another similar feature for the front-facing camera, showing a green dot when it’s turned on. Many laptops have this to show when their built-in webcams are being used. For those all-important selfies, most of us probably enable it without realising too.

“An indicator appears at the top of your screen whenever an app is using your microphone or camera. And in Control Centre, you can see if an app has used them recently,” Apple said.

The features will work for both Apple and third-party apps, according to The Independent.

However, both the microphone and front camera can be accessed without having an app open. Just like laptop webcam cameras, hackers can gain access to your phone and switch it on to spy on you.

Thanks to iOS 14, iPhone users who have updated can check if their microphone or camera is on whilst they are not actively using them.

They can now review their settings and make sure there aren’t any dodgy apps or hackers trying to steal their information using their phones.

Do you have an iPhone? To activate this feature upgrade to iOS 14 by going to Settings, General and selecting Software Update.

Which iPhones have iOS 14?

Not sure if your iPhone is compatible? Here’s the full list:

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