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Trump joins TikTok rival and is trolled by teenagers

Donald Trump has been trying to ban TikTok in America for what seems like forever; however, what people weren’t expecting was for Trump to join a TikTok rival app called Triller.

Throughout August the president shared several campaign videos via his Triller account. A reporter from the New York Times, Taylor Lorenz, says that the first video that Trump shared on the app is him claiming that he is a professional in technology and that “nobody can do it like me.”

Trump is slowly gaining followers on the app, but Lorenz documented a twitter thread, with many of the comments on his videos appear to be teenagers who are telling him to leave the app along. One of the comments has said that Trump should ban Triller “instead of TikTok as it is way better”.

Conservative accounts that were on TikTok are now appearing on Triller, with accounts promoting pro-Trump conspiracy theories.

However, the app has also seen an increase in activism since Trump joined the app, with teenagers attempting to sabotage his election campaign. One of these successful sabotage attempts was when teenagers were requesting tickets for Trump rallies, but not showing up.

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