Prestwich man awarded £80,000 after discovering THIS plant on his property

A homeowner from Prestwich got a five-figure pay-out after finding Japanese knotweed on his property.

Julian O’Shaughnessy, 34, was awarded £79,832 in compensation after it was found he had not been told about the invasive plant when he bought his house in 2012.

“I was over the moon when I finally got on the property ladder, so when I started noticing some cracks on the walls, I got disheartened,” Julian told us.

After many different builders failed to fix the issues with no clue what was causing them, Julian was at the end of his tether. He decided to sell his house rather than continue to deal with the persistent problem.

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It wasn’t until an estate agent sent in surveyors that the problem was finally uncovered – Japanese knotweed had taken root. Julian’s house came in several thousands under the usual asking price for the area, leaving him with no choice but to stay put.

“There’s no way I could have afforded somewhere else nearby, it wouldn’t even have covered the cost of my mortgage,” Julian recounted to us.

A frustrated Julian vented on his Facebook page – but his outburst ended up being his salvation when a friend of a friend reached out to tell him about The Knotweed Lawyers.

Julian clicked onto their website to learn more, got in touch and they replied straight away. The Knotweed Lawyers told him that because nobody had told him about the problem when he’d bought his house, he stood a good chance of making a successful claim.

Just weeks later, Julian received a cheque for almost £80k and has been smiling from ear-to-ear ever since. “I was so relieved, honestly, it was a life-saver. I managed to get all of that evil plant off my property, fixed everything and got a tidy sum to go into my savings,” said an elated Julian.

What’s more, his property increased in value and although he wants to stay put, Julian no longer feels trapped due to his estate agent’s lies.

Michael Hampton, an adviser at The Knotweed Lawyers, said that homeowners afflicted by Japanese knotweed no longer need to suffer.

“It’s time to dig out this menace – and make sure you get the money you deserve. Talk to The Knotweed Lawyers today and we’ll set things right,” Michael said.


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