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Have you heard about this socially-distant cinema?

Many people are familiar with the drive-in cinema. Of watching nostalgic films and spending long, hot summers sat behind the wheel of the car in front of the big screen with a bucket of popcorn. Now, in 2020, we welcome the socially-distant drive-in cinema.

With a schedule of family-friendly classics for the youngsters to enjoy, to horror and thrillers for the older visitor, there is a lot on offer throughout the summer. This also means you can still go to the movies with your friends, you will just be viewing in separate cars!

Park N Party scheduled a range of movies throughout the summer (July and August), and hope to continue through the rest of the year. If this interests you, just head to EventCity!

The only thing you need is your own wheels and ticket and you’ll be good to go! Tickets cost £25 for the vehicle, and the film sound will be streamed through your car’s radio. This means that you won’t be missing out on conversations because someone next to you was crunching their popcorn!

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