Find out why a Chester woman was awarded £15,000

A woman from Chester was awarded £15,203 after it was ruled that she was mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI) when buying a car.

Ashley Darby, 33, took out a hire purchase agreement for a Mini Cooper in 2015. The car dealer suggested that she take out loanguard – one of the names that companies have used for PPI.

“I was so happy to get the car of my dreams that I just said yes to everything. The premiums for loanguard were pretty pricey but I thought I definitely needed it.  I didn’t want my car to be taken away if I lost my job and couldn’t keep up with car payments,” she told us.

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Luckily for Ashley her job was safe, and she is still with that company now. However, when they moved everyone to homeworking in March, she decided it was time to sell her car.

“I just stopped using it as much, since I wasn’t driving to and from Liverpool every day. The expensive payments just stopped making sense,” Ashley said.

When she looked into her car’s paperwork, she came across the policy document for loanguard. She googled it, discovered that it was PPI and started wondering if she could get her money back.

“I saw that the PPI deadline had passed and thought there was no hope, but then I came across The Plevin Lawyers by accident and got in touch,” she said.

What Ashley didn’t know was that 53% of her loanguard premiums went as commission. Since the Plevin ruling of 2014, any PPI agreement with more than 50% of commission was automatically classed as mis-sold. This meant that Ashley was in for a pay-out.

Thanks to The Plevin Lawyers, Ashley secured a refund on all of her premiums and interest paid, as well as compensation worth 8% interest for each year since 2015.

Anwar Ali, adviser at The Plevin Lawyers, said that millions of people could be due thousands thanks to the Plevin rule.

“It’s so important that everyone checks any credit agreements they have. PPI can come under so many different names and it’s highly likely that a huge amount of it was commission payments,” he said.

“Talk to The Plevin Lawyers today and we’ll make sure that you get every penny you’re owed – and then some.”


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