6 apps and gadgets that will send you straight to sleep – in a good way

Do you have trouble sleeping? If you do, it’s a lot more common that you might think. According to The Sleep Council – yes, it’s a real thing – 40% of us struggle to fall asleep. During the events of this year, 50% of us said our sleep has been more disrupted than usual.

Whatever the cause, you don’t have to turn straight to medication if you’re having trouble catching those Zs. If the sheep (electric or not) just won’t line up to be counted and the Sandman has just stopped calling, technology could hold the key.

Here are six apps and gadgets that will get you a first-class ticket on the Slumbertown Express (sadly not a real train).

Pzizz, Price: ☾ (free, with in-app purchases)

This app promises ‘sleep at the push of a button’. While it won’t magically put you to sleep in a second, it’s a great way to help you to mentally settle down for the night. Pzizz is known for its use of dreamscapes, an ethereal mix of music, sounds and calming voiceovers to help soothe you into slumber. If your mind is going at a mile a minute, Pzizz could slow it down and pull it into a rest stop for the night.

Beurer WL50 Wake Up to Daylight Lamp, Price: ☾☾☾ (£69.99)

(Image: John Lewis)

Waking up well is essential if you want to stay energised and alert from the word go. If you want to replicate that sweet sunshine, look no further than Beurer’s Wake Up to Daylight Lamp. The lamp is perfect for getting you to sleep too, with adjustable levels to mimic the changing shades of natural light throughout the day. It’s easier to look into the cold light of day if it isn’t harsh and artificial. If a bit of mood lighting is more your speed, there are an array of different colours to choose from.

Withings Sleep Analyser, Price: ☾☾☾☾ (£119.95)

This isn’t the most affordable bit of tech, but ultimately, can you put a price on a good night’s sleep? Well even if you can, it could be worth getting what is probably the smartest device we have on our list. This sleek and compact sleep tracker slips easily under your mattress and takes an in-depth look at your sleeping. With full Amazon Alexa integration and a handy smartphone app, the device measures everything from heart rate to your sleep cycles without needing you to wear anything.

Sleep Station, Price: ☾ (free with GP referral)

If you’re constantly in and out of sleep, this app could be the remedy you’ve been looking for. If you’ve had to see the doctor for your sleep issues, simply get them to refer you and you should be able to download Sleep Station with no charge at all. It’s more than a library of soothing sounds, as Sleep Station asks you to complete a week-long sleep diary. After this, a panel of experts review your info and make you a personalised sleep plan that should work like a dream (pun intended) within a few weeks.

Dreamegg Sound Noise Machine, Price: ☾☾ (£29.99 from Amazon)

If you’d rather not have your phone next to you or headphones in while you sleep, a white noise machine could be a good alternative. If you want to fill your bedroom with dreamy sounds to help you to drift off, the Dreamegg D1 Sound Machine may be just what you’ve been looking for. It has a pleasant glowing light and comes with an array of 24 soundscapes to charm you into slumber.

Looking for more ways for technology to help? Why not check out our Technology section.

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