Were you pressured into purchasing this?

Christopher Hall, 48, from Salford contacted us because he has been mis-sold PPI. He needed to take out a loan because his washing machine had leaked while he was away, and it caused damage that wasn’t covered by his home insurance. When he spoke to his financial adviser he was told to take out the loan and PPI to cover any repayments he may struggle to make.

“I work as a self-employed builder, and the bank told me that they needed the added security in case I failed to make a payment,” Christopher confessed to us.

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What Christopher didn’t know is that PPI isn’t a requirement, and that this unsuitable advice meant that he could receive a pay-out. Since the Plevin ruling in 2014 where Susan Plevin claimed back on mis-sold PPI due to high commission, banks have been inundated with people finding out if they can claim.

“I’d heard of the Plevin ruling, but because I took my loan with the PPI out in 2007, I didn’t think that I could claim for that far back. However, when my neighbour mentioned that he had a successful claim, he said I should look into it,” Christopher said, clearly angry at the way he has been swindled.

Christopher contacted The Plevin Lawyers and they found that his claim was successful, with him receiving a pay-out from the lender who authorised the loan. Christopher told us that this money meant a lot, as he could finally put the whole situation behind him after all these years.

“I’ll definitely look into all the details before anyone tells me I need to purchase something because it is a requirement. This is the last time banks get one over on me,” commented Christopher.

Luckily while Christopher was looking into mis-sold PPI, he stumbled on The Plevin Lawyers, who are an experienced law firm when it comes to claiming back on PPI. If you believe you have been unfairly sold PPI, contact The Plevin Lawyers and see if they can help you claim back TODAY.


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