Local businesswoman claimed £65,000 from government scheme

Earlier this year, in the heat of the pandemic, we were put in touch with a local businesswoman who had come up with a new way to work. Maude Redfern, 47, from the North West, got in contact with us as she had developed a new way of sorting out clothing items for her company, and received £65,000 from the government’s research and development tax credits scheme.

“I didn’t think that I would be able to claim for something that just made my day easier. When my friend told me about the research and development scheme from the government I applied on a whim,” Maude told us. When Maude realised that she was spending so much time organising all the different clothes she wanted to sell, she decided she needed a new system. With the easy accessibility of smartphones, and so many different apps available, she knew what route she wanted to take.


Over the course of five weeks, Maude spent time researching how to create an app, and how to make it hers. After much planning, she eventually came up with the perfect design for her company and could start building the app.

“I didn’t realise making an app would be that complicated. I thought it would be easy, but the tech behind it all had me stumped at times. But I kept at it, and the late nights seem worth it now.”

Research and development tax credits are a government incentive to encourage small and medium businesses to come up with innovative ideas. While most people believe only science and technology sectors can claim, any company in any sector could find themselves eligible.

Maude got her business partner to help her with the more technical side of the app-building process and to check everything would work. Yet the painstaking work of taking photos of the different items of clothing was all down to Maude.

“When Areande told me that my claim was worth £65,000 I was shocked. But knowing that this app can now be used to help other people organise their clothing supplies gives me a sense of accomplishment.”

If you do think you’ve come up with something innovative, contact Areande today. They can check your eligibility, and if successful, the company can handle the claim on your behalf so you can keep doing what you do best.


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