Manchester woman awarded £18,000 thanks to a little-known rule

A woman was awarded £17,867 from a mis-sold credit card agreement thanks to a rule that too many people don’t know anything about.

Jessica Fletcher, 29, was “dead pleased” when she found out that she was entitled to five figures thanks to a dodgy deal with a credit card lender.

This is thanks to the Plevin rule which says that any credit agreement that sold with more than 50% commission was automatically classed as mis-sold. It was named after Susan Plevin, who discovered that 72% of the cost of her PPI agreement was for commission.

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“I got my first credit card when I was about 20 and when they offered creditcare with it, I just went for it. I wanted to be extra careful,” Jessica told us.

What she didn’t know was that ‘creditcare’ was another name for PPI and 62% of her premium went into the pockets of the person who’d flogged her the credit card. Jessica fell into financial difficulty and was almost at the point of taking out a loan to help pay for everything, until she confided in a friend.

Jessica’s friend suggested that she take out a PPI claim, but as the deadline had passed, she wasn’t sure. Jessica did some googling and came across The Plevin Lawyers and realised they could help her.

“I got in touch with The Plevin Lawyers and they helped me understand what had happened. They manage to get me all my premiums back as well as quite a bit of compensation. It was such a great help, honestly it’s still a bit of a shock,” she told us.

Ashley McFarland, an adviser at The Plevin Lawyers, said that not enough people are aware of the Plevin rule and how they could be owed thousands.

“It doesn’t matter that the PPI deadline has passed, the Plevin rule changed everything. Talk to us today and we’ll make sure you get all you’re entitled to,” Ashley told us.


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