Keep your eyes out for this garden invader!

Most people are not aware, but Japanese Knotweed is a rapidly spreading weed with tall, dense stems which are renewed each year. When they get in your garden they can be very difficult to remove. We were lucky enough to interview a local knotweed expert Alice Sparrowhawk, who was handy enough to spill the dirt on how to rid this weed.

In spring this plant can be spotted by the reddish-purple fleshy shoots that sprout from pinkish buds in the ground. These shoots grow quickly, and in summer you will be met with a dense group of bamboo-like canes which can reach almost 7ft – you won’t be on your hands and knees getting rid of this weed!


You can easily spot Japanese knotweed in summer by the purple spots on the canes, and heart shaped leaves, which appear almost in a zigzag pattern along the stems of the weed. You should be able to see flower tassels which are creamy-white in colour and appear in late summer and early autumn. This relentless plant also dies back to the ground in winter, ready to return by force in spring.

We asked Alice what can be done if you need to tell this pest to get off your land:

  • Check your mortgage information, as the weed should have been disclosed in the paperwork
  • Using non-weed killer is a way to get to the root of the problem, but make sure your weapon of choice is glyphosate-based, and dispose of properly in your area
  • Any regrowth should also be treated and disposed of in the same way
  • Seek professional help if you are struggling to remove the weed

“If you follow the above steps, thistle be the end of your problem,” chuckled Alice.

If the Japanese knotweed has not been disclosed in your mortgage agreement, or you have a pesky neighbour that can’t get the weed under control, then contact The Knotweed Lawyers. They are a no-win-no-fee company, and if your assessment shows that knotweed is on your property because of the actions of somebody else, you could be able to claim compensation.


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