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We have found that more and more of our readers are getting in contact with us about being mis-sold PPI and how they have had their claims rejected. However, one of our readers wanted us to share his story, as he was very persistent in his idea that he had been mis-sold PPI.

Declan Howells, 38, from Didsbury found that when his claim for mis-sold PPI got rejected first time round, he wasn’t going to let it go without a fight. However, when he took his case to the ombudsman, it was still rejected.

“I felt let down, especially as this was something I hadn’t been made fully aware of. When I submitted my initial application in 2012, I didn’t think that I could make the claim again,” Declan told us.

Start your obligation-free claim now

Since October 2017, banks and lenders have been advised to use the FCA guidance which followed the Plevin Ruling when they have to deal with PPI claims. This ruling means that if a customer took out a loan with PPI, they could claim if they were not made aware that over 50% of the PPI payment went towards commission. This meant that customers could claim back both this money, as well as interest incurred.

“When I heard about the Plevin Ruling I knew that I had to submit at least one claim. I’d rather have wasted some of my time than let my bank keep my hard-earned money.”

With the average commission that banks were charging being 67%, millions of people could have been mis-sold PPI and be entitled to this money back. In order for you to qualify, your PPI and any connected load had to have been active on or around April 2008 or after.

Since the Plevin Ruling, those people who have made a claim are being encouraged to go back to the bank or loan provider and ask for their claims to be re-examined.

“I am glad I got my claim re-examined by The Plevin Lawyers. The money I received has helped me put down a deposit for a house. It’s really given me a new lease of life.”

If you think you have been mis-sold PPI, get in contact with The Plevin Lawyers and see if they can help you get back what’s yours.


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